National Associate / Vendor Membership

National Associate members may advertise and offer a special MERSC-approved discount to all employees and their family members and retirees of MERSC member companies. The National Associate Membership is subject to the approval of the membership committee.

National Associate Membership Dues

Duration Price
January 2017 – December 31, 2017 $500.00
Three quarters of 2017 (beginning April) $375.00
Half of 2017 (beginning July) and full year 2018 $750.00
Final quarter of 2017 (beginning Oct) and full year of 2018 $625.00
Dues payment must be made by company check or credit card. Personal checks or credit cards will not be accepted for dues payment.
Note - Upon approval of membership, you will receive a membership dues invoice via email.

National Associate Membership Benefits

  • Pop-up on MERSC Web site to provide information on company and MERSC offer. (Offer may be changed annually per MERSC approval.)
  • Use of MERSC lists to provide company reps with information on your MERSC offer.
  • For Employees - Discounts on recreational activities, sports events, consumer goods and more.
  • For MERSC Reps - Meetings & Events which are hosted at member locations.
  • Annual Vendor Show (fee for booth at show).
  • For MERSC Reps - Web site Login for convenience in updating your profile, networking, membership payment and more.

Steps to Apply

  1. Complete online application
    MERSC is not accepting membership applications from Mortgage Companies, Realty Companies or Realtors until further notice.
  2. ALSO REQUIRED -- SUBMIT - via fax, email or mail
    1. Read and sign the MERSC Associate Membership Policy / Criteria Download
    2. Download Form W-9

    Application Review Process - Applicant will be notified by phone or email when application has been received by MERSC. IMPORTANT - Complete application MUST include online application, signed policy / criteria, W-9 form, letters of recommendation. Applicant will be interviewed by phone or in-person. Associate membership is subject to the approval of MERSC's Associate Membership Review Committee.

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